Competition: [SCOURGE] Main Event: The Good Word (Crossword Puzzle)

[SCOURGE] Main Event: The Good Word (Crossword Puzzle)

Datapads and reconnaissance reports sure have a lot of words, don't they? Let's find them!

Click this link to access this comp's crossword puzzle, though the clues can only be found by subscribing to the competition itself. Winners will be based on how quickly and accurately they finish the crossword.

Acceptable entries are as follows:

  • The answers, in the order of the clues, typed into the textbox.
  • A screenshot of the completed crossword online (.jpg or.png format)
  • A photo of the completed crossword on paper (.jpg or .png format)

Ties will be broken by time of subscription versus time of submission. The timer starts as soon as you subscribe.

Competition Information
Parent Competition
[PLA] Inevitable, Chapter One: The Scourge
Organized by
Warlord Ronovi Tavisaen
Running time
2020-10-12 until 2020-11-02 (22 days)
Target Unit
Clan Plagueis
Competition Type
Flash Gaming/Puzzles
Fourth Level Crescents
7 subscribers, of which 3 have participated.
Battlelord Tahiri Thorn Morte Tarentae
Subscription time
October 18, 2020 00:29
Submission time
October 18, 2020 03:51
Time taken
about 3 hours
File submission
SCOURGE Main Event-The Good Word (Crossword Puzzle).png
1st place
Battlemaster Aleister Mavros
Subscription time
October 30, 2020 01:22
Submission time
November 02, 2020 03:32
Time taken
3 days
Textual submission

1. Jackbox
2. Imperial-I
3. Ajunta-Pall
4. Proconsul
5. Lazy
6. Laren
7. Evant
8. Mavros
9. Andrelious
10. Killik
11. troutrooper
12. Ronovi
13. pew-pew
14. Scudi
15. coolant
16. Whyren's


1. Dosh
2. Cyvaria
3. Keibatsu
4. Xander
5. Cyclone
6. The Scourge
7. Fenrir
8. Tailor
9. stabbed
10. Raxulon
11. Vizsla
12. Tahiri
13. Yamret
14. betrayal
15. Tenixir
16. Muz
17. Endor
18. cookies
19. Valneikian

2nd place
Warrior Khryso Mallus
Subscription time
October 13, 2020 00:35
Submission time
October 21, 2020 02:50
Time taken
8 days
File submission
Crossword Complete.png
3rd place