Competition: A Frightening Presence

A Frightening Presence

The Empire kept many awful secrets before its fall, many evil projects and terrible weapons. Whose to say what did or didn't escape, and still roams the stars to this day?

Complete the puzzle in the link, then submit a screenshot of the completed puzzle (including the timer). Top three fastest will, of course, be awarded with Fifth Level Crescents. Ties will be settled by the time submitted to the site.

Competition Information
Organized by
Raider Jon Silvon
Running time
2020-10-06 until 2020-10-31 (26 days)
Ends in
about 2 hours (2020-10-31 23:59:59 UTC/18:59:59 EST)
Target Unit
Battle Team Tython Squadron
Competition Type
Fifth Level Crescents
8 subscribers, of which 8 have already participated.
Additional information for participants

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