Competition: A Terrifying Flight

A Terrifying Flight

On the edges of the Kiast system, a frightening development has begun. An eerie vessel, seemingly derelict, appeared from nowhere, hovering on the edges of the system. It failed to answer all hails, and all who've attempted to board and have not returned.

The Vatali fear invasion, but the Quorahi whisper of a ghost ship, a lost vessel haunted by the souls of the dead. Superstitious nonsense of course... right?

Tython Squadron has been sent to investigate, but somehow you find yourself isolated and alone onboard this haunted vessel.

What now?

** In 500 words or more, write a Fiction about the day your terrifying adventure in search of this ghost ship.

** Grading will be done using the Standard Fiction Rubric, with all who place in the top three receiving appropriate Crescents.

I look forward to your responses, Tython Squadron!

Competition Information
Parent Competition
Tython Squadron October Comps
Organized by
Raider Jon Silvon
Running time
2020-10-06 until 2020-10-31 (26 days)
Target Unit
Battle Team Tython Squadron
Competition Type
Fifth Level Crescents and Clusters of Ice as per VOICE guidelines
2 subscribers, of which 1 has participated.
Peacekeeper Elyon de Neverse
File submission
Elyon - A Terrifying Flight.pdf
1st place