Competition: Rocket League - Free 2 Play - Llama-Rama event

Rocket League - Free 2 Play - Llama-Rama event

As of Sept 23, 2020 Rocket League moved to Epic games, got a major overhaul, and went free to play. It's also cross-platform so you can play it with friends through Epic, Steam. PS, Switch and XBOX.

Plus Epic has a Fortnite tie in event Called Llama-Rama which ends on the Oct 12th. So still plenty of time to earn your own Battle Bus!

So to celebrate going free to play and to see if we can get more members gaming together to have fun. I bring you this simple comp.

  • You must play in the 3v3 Standard Casual playlist for this comp.
  • Play the game and earn the highest score you can to win.
  • Tiebreakers - will go in this order - Most Shots on goal and then if needed Assists and then finally Saves.
  • Screens from any other mode will be DQ'ed.
  • Members must submit their own screenshots individually
  • Example screenshot
  • Please make sure your in game user ID (Steam, Epic, etc.) is either on your Dossier or clearly identtifiable. If I don't know which score is yours I'll have to DQ the entry.

Competition Information
Organized by
Augur Edgar Drachen
Running time
2020-10-05 until 2020-10-31 (27 days)
Ends in
2 days (2020-10-31 23:59:59 UTC/18:59:59 EST)
Target Unit
Entire DJB
Competition Type
Multiplayer Gaming
Second Level Crescents
4 subscribers, of which 3 have already participated.