Competition: Vornskr Battalion Contract November 2020: Recruit a Mercenary

Vornskr Battalion Contract November 2020: Recruit a Mercenary

Mission Statement: The intelligence analysts of the Vornskr Battalion have identified an individual with a very particular set of skills; skills they have acquired over a very long career. Skills that make them a perfect fit for people like us. Your mission is simple: convince them, by any means necessary, to enlist with the Vornskr Battalion.

Task: Write a (minimum) 500 word story in which your character(s) undertake this mission. The identity, affiliation, location and skills of the person of special talents is completely up to you to decide, as is your approach to completing the task. Vornskr Battalion is the Private Military Company, of which Battleteam Tavros is an elite division, which treats Taldryan as a priority client. All within Taldryan are welcome to take on its contracts.

Fictions will be judged using the official rubric. Please submit as pdf or word document.

Competition Information
Organized by
General Zentru'la
Running time
2020-10-28 until 2020-11-30 (about 1 month)
Target Unit
Clan Taldryan
Competition Type
Third Level Crescents and Clusters of Ice as per VOICE guidelines
1 subscriber, of which 1 has participated.
Savant Appius "Zappius" Wight
File submission
Drax recruitment..pdf
1st place