Competition: Operation: Thanks Given

Operation: Thanks Given

Eldar has been retaken. The pirate gangs that once infested the continent of Tairiku have been driven into a route, hunted down in their dens, pushed off of the planet. Yet, our battleteam’s good work is not yet complete. A civilization already shattered by a virulent plague was only pushed closer to the brink of total ruin by the ministrations of the vicious raiders. With their attackers now dealt with, Spectre Cell is faced by an even larger task.

Rebuilding Keadean society.

Villagers need medical care. Peasant farmers need sustenance for the coming winter. Soldiers need training so that they might protect their villages in the future, from any threat that may come.

None of it will be easy work. But, as the old adage says… a little bit of good will goes a long, long way.

  • Fiction: Let’s get down to business, to defeat...uh...some runs! In this fiction, you’ll be given a range of options to help out the Keadeans, from assisting in training their warriors to outreach at some of the poor villages. Try not to burn anything down, right?
  • Art: Though Spectre Cell normally plays loosy-goosy with the rules, training up a batch of fresh recruits calls for a good example...and what better way to set a good image than a team uniform? In this art comp, you’ll be designing a field uniform for the Battleteam. I doesn’t have to be totally formal, right?
  • Codebreaker: While scavenging through the ruins of Kurs’Pirun, now cleared of filthy pirates, several operatives discovered a datapad with an encrypted message. The pad is Arconan, but the codes have been altered. In this quick little comp, you’ve been assigned to break the code down…
  • A Puzzle: Everyone’s favorite! A sweet, quick, puzzle comp for everyone to enjoy.

Rules and Grading

The top three placements in each comp will earn points towards placement in the parent comp, with the top three scorers earning crescents. The fiction and graphics comps will be weighted more heavily than the two “fast comps”, a scale of 2 to 1. Ties will be broken by number of overall placements, followed by the number of comps participated in.

Competition Information
Organized by
Savant Sera Kaern
Running time
2020-11-22 until 2020-12-16 (25 days)
Ends in
15 days (2020-12-16 23:59:59 UTC/18:59:59 EST)
Target Unit
Battle Team Spectre Cell
Competition Type
Fifth Level Crescents
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