Competition: Brotherhood in Blood: a Vampire Story

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Brotherhood in Blood: a Vampire Story

Wait, it’s not Halloween. Is it? No! Because the things that go bump in the night know no holiday limitations to their deeds, nefarious or otherwise! So, choosing one of the prompts below, play your character either as the vampire, the hunter, or the victim, using the prompts as themes for your fiction. You may put your character(s) in the setting of the intended prompt, or toy with the original plot using more familiar Star Wars and Brotherhood backdrops. You may use your main character, alt, or slotted NPC, but the story must focus on them. Other DB characters may also be included. If you use someone else’s, it’s just good manners to ask them first.

If you’ve been wanting to stretch your fangs or lock your crossbow strings, take your selection of prompts below; let the words and blood flow.


The Impaler. Voivode of Wallachia. Of all the various sobriquets, one stands out that has created one of the most iconic names in vampiric lore: Dracula. Immortalized as a creature of the night by Bram Stoker, his journey takes him from his isolated home to the more populous, blood-rich land of the solicitor that’s come to assist in the transition to his new abode. Or perhaps you’re more fond of Countess Elizabeth Bathory, the Hungarian noble famed for bathing in the blood of virgins brought to her castle. Or Carmilla, a predecessor and likely inspiration to Stoker’s blood-sucker.

Whichever your flavor, they all follow similar motifs, offering similar strengths and weaknesses to these undead lords and ladies. So where does your character fit in? The noble, using the mortals as a means to an end? The hapless victim to their ploy? Or the hunter, using wit, guile, and no small amount of bravery to tackle this centuries-old creature? Victorian attire optional.


Anne Rice’s classic tale of a vampire relaying his lengthy life story to a reporter is practically a genre in itself, spanning not only the nuances of vampiric lore, but telling the tale of transition across the decades as these beings adjusted to life in successive generations and through cultural shifts. And of course, with a little bloodletting along the way. It is also an earlier example of the concept of vampiric organization: covens, coalescing these nocturnals into a semblance of a society, however brutal and in varying degrees of actual governance over gangish violence. So, what is your interview like?


Vampire the Masquerade has become a genre unto itself, melding many of the most iconic aspects of various vampire lores and melding them into a game of political intrigue, sensuality, and bloody conflict. From the Camarilla to the Anarchs, the Ventrue to the Nosferatu, there’s a flavor for anyone and everyone that wants to capitalize on their favorite vampiric tendencies. But of course, as much as some of these groups tout their so-called Masquerade, mortals inevitably get dragged into the conflict, either unwittingly or as one that would cull these nocturnal nuisances in the worldwide game of power. Which path do you have ahead of you?

Millennial Grit

Remember the ‘90s and early Y2K? This was the era of the gritty vampires, coated in cigarette smoke and gasoline as much as they were in blood and sex appeal. From Dusk Til Dawn, Blade, and Underworld are just a few of the infamous titles of the day that followed vampires and hunters alike in fast-paced car chases, flashy gunfights, and slashing cuts from sword and overgrown fingernails alike. And so. much. leather. So tell us: where does your character fit in this chaos of overripe cabals and heart-pounding action? Or is their heart pounding… a little less than others?

The Other

The other bloodsucker genres not your thing? Well no worries! Choose your own, follow the lore, and let your imagination run amok. Even if they… sparkle. You will be required to give some form of lore reference material at the beginning of the text. More obscure material will require a URL to a reference site (ex. wiki).

Additional Essential Details

  • Please put your chosen prompt (eg. fiction theme) in either the file name or in the title of the story. If you chose Other, leave the best reference descriptor that you can.
  • Accepted submission formats are PDF or text-box submissions. Google Doc links and other file types will NOT be accepted. Seriously.
  • Grading will be done in accordance with the Fiction Grading Rubric, with Realism being weighed with following your prompt’s particular lore. Score ties will be broken by grader’s personal preference.
  • Adult content is permitted, but do NOT publish the submission if it includes such content. A friendly warning to the organizer wouldn’t hurt.
  • Second Level Crescents will be available to the top three placements, and Clusters of Ice will be applied in accordance with individual word counts.
Competition Information
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Reaver Qyreia Arronen
Running time
2021-01-24 until 2021-03-07 (about 1 month)
Target Unit
Entire DJB
Competition Type
Second Level Crescents and Clusters of Ice as per VOICE guidelines
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