Competition: The Ultimate Cross-Fandoms Starship Design

The Ultimate Cross-Fandoms Starship Design

Design a single star ship that combines two or more of you different favorite fandoms." So no Rebel to Empire mixes will work, but a Star Trek and Star Wars mix will be accepted or a SW, ST, and Fast and Furious

The rules: 1- must have a minimum crew of 400 (It's a star SHIP not a freighter or fighter)

2- MUST be from at least two different fandoms.

3- A description has to be added in the text box as to what part of the ship is from which fandom.

4- not necessarily needed, but will help: a break down of the ships capabilities, i.e. warp drive/speed, armaments, shields, etc Use the measurements from each of the Fandoms information Wikis

How to Submit: Submissions must be in one of the following formats: .jpg, .png,

How it is Graded: The official Herald Graphics Grading Rubric will be used in this competition.

Useful Tools: GIMP - a freeware used for digital graphics work, similar to Photoshop. Paint.NET - more freeware! Krita - artist made freeware!

Competition Information
Organized by
Ranger Benn Nevis
Running time
2021-09-01 until 2021-09-22 (22 days)
Target Unit
Entire DJB
Competition Type
Difficulty Class
Second Level Crescents and 3 Clusters of Graphite as per Herald guidelines
13 subscribers, of which 4 have participated.
Knight Sulon Tiful
File submission
Pulsar Light Carrier.jpg
Textual submission

The ship is a combination of the Halcyon light cruiser from the Halo franchise and the Quasar light cruiser/carrier that was featured in Star Wars Rebels, with most of the ship length belonging to the Halcyon and parts of the under section replaced by the bridge and hangar space of the Quasar. Full detail of the combined ship's capabilities is featured in the illustration.

1st place
Knight Vahrosa De
File submission
Yacht of House De.jpg
Textual submission

The Vessel is a monument to the financial prosperity of House De in this trying time.

The shapes of the vessel are primarily inspired by my interpretation of Dunes’ organic nature. The colors are desert in nature as well with pops of color to celebrate what both fandoms bring to the table. The desert tans and oranges bring to mind Dune, The desert planet of Arrakis. The pops of color in the glass panels and accents are a callback to the Togruta home planet of Shili and its vibrant grasslands. The top shape of the vessel is also an abstract interpretation of the top horns of a Togruta. His life is in this vessel.

I constructed an imaginary ideal for Vahrosa for this project. Who was he in this crossover? What was Dune to him, and what was Star Wars? I settled on him being the heir to a lesser house, House De. They primarily trade in silks and fibers. His mother was an attempt to bring House De into the light and more publicity- by marrying his father, from a noble house of the dunesphere to a grey-minded togruta woman, we have created a connection on which many plotlines could begin.

The Spice Melange is cycled regularly, kept in thick tubing built into the walls to keep it moving throughout the ship constantly, like a heart pumping blood through its valves. This tubing is also to protect the Spice Melange, as the system has multiple safety valves. If part of the ship is damaged or destroyed, the tubing system can block off that area to allow as little loss of the Spice Melange as possible. To further protect the Spice Melange and the passengers, The Vessel also has average shield capabilities and two very small fighter ships that stay circling The Vessel. The Vessel is 154 meters in width and around 250 meters tall, with a standard rotating crew of 523. This does not include the 30 to 40 passengers. In terms of Dune, there are also areas in the ship dedicated to the Steersman of the Guild. The star wars aspects to me come in terms of the schematics of the ship. Dune is not one to give us ship details, therefore all of my detailing comes from my knowledge of Star Wars lore. I have also given the ship a warp drive, but it is used infrequently due to its affects on the Spice Melange.

2nd place
Warden Aurora "Aura" Ta'var
File submission
Textual submission

The dish part is from star trek. The back half is from a Star wars warship like a big gunner ship.

3rd place
4th place
Warrior Cello
Warrior Cello
Warrior Cello opted out of publishing his submission.
4th place