Competition: [COU] Unexpected Resistance (Gaming)

[COU] Unexpected Resistance (Gaming)

Your team has encountered some unexpected resistance on their mission. Fight your way through!


  • Collect the most combined Clusters of Fire and Clusters of Earth during the competition period to win. Clusters of Fire and Clusters of Earth are equally weighted for this comp. The member with the most clusters submitted wins.

  • Submit PvP, PvO, or PvE matches to this competition via dbb0t on Discord or the gaming submission form on the site.

  • Submissions must follow the Rites of Combat.

Competition Information
Parent Competition
ILLUMINANCE: Intercepted
Organized by
Adept Rajhin Cindertail
Running time
2021-11-07 until 2021-11-30 (24 days)
Target Unit
Clan Odan-Urr
Competition Type
Multiplayer Gaming
Third Level Crescents
8 subscribers, of which 8 have participated.
Place Name Score
1st Warden Jafits Skrumm Submitted activity worth 147.5 points
2nd Corsair Juda Graves Submitted activity worth 31.5 points
3rd Augur Edgar Drachen Submitted activity worth 10.4 points
4th Adept Aurora "Aura" Ta'var Submitted activity worth 10.0 points
4th Warden Revak K'Urr Submitted activity worth 10.0 points
4th Peacekeeper Jalen Ramz Submitted activity worth 10.0 points
7th Colonel Len Iode Submitted activity worth 5.4 points
Adept Rajhin Cindertail Submitted activity worth 9.4 points - Organizer