Competition: Pimp My Ride Land Speeder Edition

Pimp My Ride Land Speeder Edition

You have seen the show, now it is your turn to draw your pimped-out land vehicle. You may use any medium you choose. Entries must have modifications. Just changing the color will not count towards placement.

Entries must be submitted through the site in .png or .jpg format.
You MUST use a vehicle in the Iron Garage
Cite any work that is not Wholly your own.

Grading will be based on creativity, adherence to the prompt, and level of detail.

Competition Information
Organized by
Reaver Korvis
Running time
2022-08-01 until 2022-08-31 (about 1 month)
Ends in
20 days (2022-08-31 23:59:59 UTC/18:59:59 EST)
Target Unit
Entire DJB
Competition Type
Difficulty Class
Second Level Crescents and 3 Clusters of Graphite as per Herald guidelines
10 subscribers, of which 0 have already participated.