Competition: Galeres November Gaming Competition

Galeres November Gaming Competition

A basic CF race

  • Most CF earned during the month wins
  • No cheating please: Covenant and Rites of Combat apply (like in all gaming competitions)
Competition Information
Organized by
General Ood Bnar
Running time
2023-11-11 until 2023-11-30 (20 days)
Target Unit
House Galeres
Competition Type
Multiplayer Gaming
Fourth Level Crescents
6 subscribers, of which 5 have participated.
Place Name Score
1st Dr. Work't Submitted activity worth 27.0 points
2nd Sven Rawioni Submitted activity worth 0.0 points
2nd Ta'xi Submitted activity worth 0.0 points
Envoy Zuza Lottson Submitted activity worth 9.6 points
Aedile Sofila "Sagitta" Douve Armis Submitted activity worth 12.6 points