Competition: Bring your Pet to Work Day!

Being Judged
Bring your Pet to Work Day!

Through out the Galaxy, hard working individuals and star fairing folk always look forward to coming home to that special someone. On these terms were gonna talk about your little furry, metallic, scaly friends, our pets!

In this comp I want a story about your companions, those little creatures or droids that you call compatriots. Whether it be a relaxing day parading around the Praexum, or taking them on a mission of utmost importance, I wanna hear about that them. Can be any type of setting as well, be creative I wanna see some fun entries.

Rules are as follows and will be graded by using the standard Voice Fiction Rubric

1) 500 word minimum count 2) Submissions will be done on the site in either .docx or pdf. formats. 3)Have fun with it!

Competition Information
Organized by
Doku Rivendare
Running time
2023-11-19 until 2023-11-26 (8 days)
Target Unit
Clan Odan-Urr
Competition Type
Third Level Crescents and Clusters of Ice as per VOICE guidelines
5 subscribers, of which 3 have already participated.