Competition: [CNS & Tal] Sins of Our Fathers

[CNS & Tal] Sins of Our Fathers

Methyas stood before Malik's desk raging at the Neti who was sitting serenely behind the desk. “The Quaestor is displeased,” the Rollmaster pressed, having just returned from a meeting with the new leader of House Shar Dakhan -- a leader of the Dark Council’s choice, not Naga Sadow’s. Not that the Prophet was there to voice himself his demands for action to be taken against Taldryan, always instead speaking through intermediaries, always absent.

"Cantor clearly wishes us destroyed,” Methyas added, and smashed his fist onto the table.

Such displays were so unlike the Miraluka reflected Malik . Something was not right.

“Methyas,” began the old Neti, “we both know that Xanos’s interests spawn from selfish means in this case.” Even after so many years, Malik still referred to the Sith Lord by his former name. “What treasures does the Quaestor think Cantor has denied him? Hmm?”

Methyas impatiently paced up and down. The Neti sighed, his branches creaking. Even if Methyas was not old enough to remember, Malik had not forgotten the dark days when Darth Vexatus had last held power, nearly destroying Naga Sadow in his own selfish lust for power.

Eventually, the Rollmaster stopped pacing and lowered his blindfolded eyes to the floor. “I... don’t know what came over me,” Methyas said, more calmly now, “perhaps you are right. I should return to my chambers and meditate to clear my head of...”

When the Miraluka turned to leave, he came face to face with the Prophet, already standing right behind him. The Sith Lord paid no attention at all to the Rollmaster and addressed the Proconsul. "What Cantor may or may not have denied me personally is not relevant here,” Vexatus began, in his distant, warmthless voice, “the man has defiled the sacred ruins of Ludo Kressh, a man whom we both once swore allegiance. He must be called to account."

There was an unusual insistence from the Prophet that Malik could not explain. "You surely know as well as I do that he is not likely to be taken by surprise,” said the Proconsul. “No attacks from Naga Sadow will reach him, and even if they do, they will be executed at great cost to our brethren. Keirdagh Taldrya Cantor is not a man who is trifled with."

"I do not wish to revenge us upon the man,” Vexatus continued. “Cantor is strong, he can be killed surely, but he will not suffer enough for his transgressions. We must attack his heart. We must punish him by punishing that which he loves. We must wound him, forever, so that he knows to never test the might of Naga Sadow, nor defile our relics again, as he did on Rhelg."

A strange change of heart, Malik considered, for the wayward Son who himself had once tried to destroy his own Clan to now speak of vendettas against those who now desired the same.

"Ah, I see," said the wizened old Neti, clearly deep in thought. "You wish to attack Taldryan. Punish him by killing those who he holds most dear."

"Correct, and I have foreseen the venue with which our revenge shall quicken…"



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Prophet Keirdagh Taldrya Cantor, Adept Malik Sadow, Adept Rian Taldrya, Augur Teu Buhkari Sadow
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2013-09-19 until 2013-10-08 (20 days)
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Entire DJB
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