Competition: Star Wars Sherlock

Star Wars Sherlock

You have been tasked by your House or Clan leadership to investigate a crime. You and a partner of choice will investigate the crime and figure out who the guilty party is.

Competition Information
Organized by
Raider Zed
Running time
2014-12-16 until 2015-01-16 (about 1 month)
Target Unit
Entire DJB
Competition Type
Second Level Crescents
31 subscribers, of which 4 have participated.
Battlelord Lucyeth
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SW Lucyeth

1st place
Padawan Drake Starfire
Textual submission

It was all hush hush. There were assassination attempts on Xen’Mordin of House Scholae Palatinae, He decided he wanted an investigation done, so he chose me, Zagro Fenn. Of course, naturally, that implied that i needed to have my apprentice assist me… Drake Starfire. Who i may add, has no experience with investigations and would have it his way blow the operation within minutes. But as i said, it was all hush hush.
“So are we going to Space Mcdonalds master?” Drake had just asked. Drake had been asking a lot of questions today, mainly because he's spent a little too much time in the halls of the shadow academy in one sitting and has been a little too curious.
“No…” I replied. Of course this only made the protector a little pissed off but he knew that my word was law, or else. I was heading to a hangar where we were supposed to take a shuttle to the investigation scene. After about an hour I was starting to worry if he was ok or not so I looked over to see if he was, and sure enough he was knocked out in my new pimpin speeder that i saved up for. After we arrived I woke his lazy and sleepy butt up (mainly by smacking him in the face). We boarded the shuttle and not long after we were at the crime scene. It was very hush hush.

We were in an auditorium where there was likely a show Xen had been watching when the assassin tried to kill him. The auditorium was big and a murderer could easily be concealed if the place was crowded when the crime happened, but that was the easy part. We made our way up to a private box where Xen had been watching the show. It was on the second floor, and had an easy view of the whole inside of the building. I noticed to see Drake screwing around with the caretakers and flexing his muscles. Obviously he was not taking this mission seriously, I had noticed that there was a blaster mark against the wall, it was behind where Xen would have been sitting. I figured that the attempt could not have been behind him, and it would be impossible from an above angle because he blast was too high up. So either the blast was from below from the regular seating or another private box on the second floor. But since the blast if it was from the second floor was too far off from Xen’s seat it would indicate that the assassin obviously doesn't know how to do the job, so it was definitely a lower angle. What happened next was hush hush.

I had called for Drake and I told him to try and figure out the likely trajectory from the first floor and try to find a clear shot at me while i sat where Xen sat. I could hear him jumping from seat to seat trying to find the best shot, trying to simulate what happened I fixed my eyes on the stage, a minute later a blaster was fired. It landed in the same spot as the previous one, as I looked over I saw Drake, he had stolen my blaster and fired at me… “Found it!” he said. He was laying over a couple seats trying to look as cool as possible when he said it, i was furious but still quite impressed. I came down to investigate. Since both of us had no equipment and no experience with this kind of thing, we were pretty much rummaging through the isle trying to find something. Drake had finally found something… It seemed like hours, and i was glad, pure glee sprang when he said “found it!” But yet we had no idea what to search for… But when he handed me the object all I could think of was, Mandalorians. it was an energy cell for a mandalorian grade firearm, one that could make the blast mark on the wall, roughly. This all clicked when he made a remark about learning a thing or two about weapons and energy cells. What we both knew was the fact that there was a group of Mandalorian bounty hunters not far from the city we were in. What happened next was not so hush hush.

Drake was essentially leading the charge, we had no time to take an escort and it would be impractical, the bounty hunters would spot us. We were running, and Drake was fast, and i was barely being able to follow him 3 starfighters length of a gap. After 20 minutes straight of running i had to rest, we had finally gotten to our destination to find the bounty hunters in a circle, laughing and enjoying the night. Drake however, was unimpressed. Me being unable to breath had to sit down and merely watch as Drake ignited his lightsaber and walked towards the bounty hunters.

As I watched gasping for air, Drake had been striking down the unarmed assassins, until the what looked to be leader stepped out of his tent. Enraged I heard him challenge Drake to a fight of men, unarmed. Drake seemed to have accepted and took a Broken Gate stance. The two began to exchange blows, Drake throwing in elbow strikes and knee strikes while the Mandalore fighter tried to punch him, Drake was able to knock the fighter down and pulled out his saber. And, sliced off both of the man’s arms. I stood back to my feet, and told Drake that he needed to be questioned. Drake agreed and asked the Mandalore who had hired him to kill Xen’Mordin. The Mandalore accepted as long as we would spare him. I accepted to the terms, and he told us that one of the men drake had struck down hired him, another Mandalorian hunter. The man wanted Xen’Morden dead so the Dark Jedi of Scholae would leave or maybe go into civil war. The bounty hunter had hopes that he could profit from it. After hearing the story Drake simply said “cool, job done.” and with one swift blow he chopped the hunters head off. I had to say, i was quite proud of him again, the most i've ever been of him in one day. He was a great help to the operation. but the rest, was all hush hush.

2nd place
Warlord Mauro Wynter
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3rd place
Warrior Anahorn Dempsey
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Enjoy :)

4th place