Competition: Welcome to the ways of the Force, my young Apprentice/Padawan!

Welcome to the ways of the Force, my young Apprentice/Padawan!


You have been assigned your first Apprentice/Padawan! In no less then 250 words, describe your new apprentice and how you go about your first training session/mission/encounter with them. How do you guide them through their transition into the Dark Brotherhood? Be creative, fun, menacing or just plain Sith!


Any sort of document type that i can open on my cruddy laptop. .pdf .doc .notepad or whatever you use to type your fiction as long as i can open it!


I will be grading a little on spelling, grammar and use of punctuation. Not solely though, but i think it is important to be able to read a story without too many errors. However, i will be grading more on how well the story was written, be as detailed & descriptive as you can. The more detailed the story the better. Give me tons of good things to read through and make my judging hard! Good luck my fellow brethren! <3

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Seer Morax Darkblade
Running time
2015-01-01 until 2015-01-15 (15 days)
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Entire DJB
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Second Level Crescents
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Warlord Andrelious J. Inahj
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Battlelord Lucyeth
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SW Lucyeth

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Knight Rangel
Knight Rangel
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Welcome my young apprentice

"Concentrate on the Force, don't let the noise of the planet affect you". Rangel had just receive a new apprentice. Excited he was when the boy chose him to be his teacher. The boy had asked Rangel if he could be his instructor. Rangel asked why him, all the boy could say is, "the Force is drawing him to you". The boy was in his late teens. He came from a high class family from Naboo, eager he was to start his training. Rangel excepted him as his padawan. Rangel took him back to his home planet of Nar Shadda, he figured he could train the boy there where there is no peace, only violence in most places and very noisy. One would make it very hard to concentrate. Up on the roof high above the city the boy could see nothing but a beautiful sight, colors of neon glowing out of the cantinas. " Up on your arms you shall stand till I say stop" the boy looked at him crazy. The clouds where getting darker and the thunderous sounds where rolling closer to them. " What about the storm that's coming in?" " What about?, what are you afraid up on your arms and meditate till you can't no more and if you fall before I say stop, well let's hope you can fly." The boy looked like he regretted choosing Master Rangel. Hours went by as the he stood in his arms on the edge of the building with his back facing city lights.Rangel was in front of him meditating as well. The winds were picking up and the boy was slipping and holding on to his life on the edge. Rangel saw him struggling, " do not lose concentration boy", Rangel felt him slipping, with out him noticing Rangel gave him a push and down the boy fell. Falling rapidly, Rangel stood over looking and hoping he would use the Force as guidance. The boy was panicking as he saw the ships moving fast and knew he was going to die if he didn't react quick. His vision was weak and his arms were at a point where he could not move. The boy guided himself threw the incoming traffic using the Force. As he was coming closer the ground he saw a dock where he could land. He pushed his body towards the dock with all his might but that wasn't enough, he nearly got a hold of the ledge. Hanging on his fingers where slipping do to the storm that was happening. " What do I do know, this is it? Why did master Rangel push me?" Just as his last hand was slipping, Rangel picked him up using the Force, he sat him down. "Why did you push me?" The boy was gasping for air. "Because I had to see if you use the Force as a tool or as a guidance." The boy still gasping asked "so did I pass." Rangel looked and smiled with a grin and said " let us go to Hoth to continue your training dress warm."

Rangel, 13387

6th place
Padawan Drake Starfire
Textual submission

Well, it sucked, to begin with. I wanted to enhance my own training in solitude now that i've finally become a dark jedi knight. But, Xen’Mordin has trusted me with my own apprentice and i don't want to let him down. But what he didn't tell me was that i was gonna be waiting hours for a dumb vessel to show up with a dumb kid who is gonna call me senpai for awhile till he's either dead from my training, a mission, or suicide because i won't notice him.
It was at this moment after all the subconscious complaining came to an end, the vessel had arrived.
“Ah, alas, time to see the puny runt in the flesh”. Drake said to himself.
The doors opened, and there stood a very hairy being. Drake couldn't see what it was so he moved closer to get a clear shot of the new apprentice.
“WHAT IN THE NAME OF JUDIAS PALPATINE THE GREAT KEEPER OF ALL THAT IS HOLY AND BLUE MILK”! Drake shouted. It was a disfigured wookie of some kind. And to make matters worse was that it was an albino wookie.
“Notice me senpai”. the creature said in a demonic tone. Drake had now soiled his clothes, he was terrified, scarred for life, and began to back away. The creature began to move closer and closer, wanting its new found masters attention. Drake was backed to a corner on his soiled buttocks. He desperately reached for his lightsaber in order to kill it, but the creature was in front of him and said these works “you’ll stab your eye out kid”.
Drake was confused but at that moment everything blacked out and he awoke in his quarters, he was crying in his sleep. He regained his composure and figured it was all just a dream and that he was only a protector. But as he went back to sleep, a grotesque figure in the corner watched over him, waiting, for its first lesson in the path of the dark side...

7th place