Competition: Entanglement: Paid in blood

Entanglement: Paid in blood
  • Details: Across history, many give up their lives for some worthy cause. The Dark Jedi of Scholae Palatinae are no strangers to combat, either from a cockpit, at a distance behind a rifle, or up close with a lightsaber, they are up conflict when it finally results in a fight. The Evanescent and Pacre Datship believe themselves to have power greater than any other with the Old Gods at their backs, but the journey there will take place on a much smaller scale man versus man. It’s time to be tested on the field of battle.

  • How to submit: Play any tier 1 gaming platform in a PVP activity against another member of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood, including other members of CSP, as setup in #DBgaming, and selecting this competition when submitting the matches.

  • How it will be graded: Placements will be decided based on unweighted PVP score.

  • Note: All Rites of Combat must be followed during this competition.

Competition Information
Parent Competition
Forgotten: Entanglement
Organized by
Grand Master Evant Taelyan, Eminent Idris Adenn
Running time
2015-04-04 until 2015-04-28 (25 days)
Target Unit
Clan Scholae Palatinae
Competition Type
Multiplayer Gaming
Third Level Crescents
11 subscribers, of which 9 have participated.
Place Name Score
1st Knight Athrun Zala Unweighted PVP score 28.41 (50 wins, 38 losses, 88 matches)
2nd Warrior Anahorn Dempsey Unweighted PVP score 11.02 (23 wins, 25 losses, 48 matches)
3rd Vanguard Maximus Alvinius Unweighted PVP score 5.4 (9 wins, 6 losses, 15 matches)
4th Adept Kell Palpatine Dante Unweighted PVP score 2.78 (5 wins, 4 losses, 9 matches)
5th Corsair Ossk Unweighted PVP score 2.08 (5 wins, 7 losses, 12 matches)
6th Battlelord Lucyeth Unweighted PVP score 1.6 (4 wins, 6 losses, 10 matches)
7th Vanguard Jafits Skrumm Unweighted PVP score 1.33 (4 wins, 8 losses, 12 matches)
7th Savant Mayda Ferium Unweighted PVP score 1.33 (4 wins, 8 losses, 12 matches)
9th Knight Vanessa Rhode Unweighted PVP score 0.67 (2 wins, 4 losses, 6 matches)