Competition: [SeNet] Battle for Sanctuary

[SeNet] Battle for Sanctuary

The battle for Sanctuary has begun. While the fighters scramble against the small fleet of Corvettes and gunboats, the battle in Sanctuary itself starts in earnest as teams of highly trained commandos board the station in an attempt to seize it and take control of not only their assets, Fireteam Echo, but of New Tython itself.

Defend the station. Write a minimum 500 word fiction on how you and your fellow Jedi and soldiers defended the small station against the raiders.

This competition will be judged through the DJB Fiction rubric.

Competition Information
Parent Competition
[Odan-Urr] Sentinel Network: Sanctuary
Organized by
Master V'yr Vorsa, Adept A'lora Kituri, General Darcy Avarik
Running time
2015-05-01 until 2015-05-15 (15 days)
Target Unit
Clan Odan-Urr
Competition Type
Third Level Crescents
5 subscribers, of which 3 have participated.
Vanguard Corvus Corax
Textual submission

1st place
Ranger Torin Ardell
File submission
2nd place
Peacekeeper Droveth Kathera Vectivi
Textual submission

Droveth stood silently and watched the "recruits" file through the archway and report to their newly designated posts. A flood of soldiers poured off of shuttles and into the main loading bay of Sanctuary, the orbital defense platform positioned above New Tython. The young Jedi had had far too much free time since becoming a Knight, and had found himself itching for some action. Now he found himself on a big box, floating through space, preparing to defend it against an enemy force that he knew almost nothing about. With the majority of Odan Urr's fleet on a distress call, it was now the responsibility of the Jedi to defend Sanctuary. 'I should be careful what I wish for.'

"Droveth!" A familiar voice called out to him, and he turned to see Seridan weaving through the crowd. "Have the other Disciples arrived yet?" He questioned, checking his data pad and helping a few new arrivals find their locations. Needless to say, he was a master if multitasking.

"Not that I've seen yet, sir. I've been waiting here to find them when they arrive."

"Alright, good, when they get here direct them to-" A message over the intercom interrupted him.

"Attention all personnel, the attack force has entered the conflict range. All shuttle transport is now suspended." Seridan and Droveth looked at each other for a moment, both with a look of anguish. It was only temporary, however, because combat was quickly approaching and everyone had to be ready.

"Listen, you need to take this squad and place yourself in Bay 4. Intel leads me to believe that this location is one of the most probable infiltration points." Seridan motioned to a group of scrappy young men and women, hardly out of school, now armed with blasters.

"I must ask, Sir, and I mean no disrespect, but have they been trained at all?" Just one stern
look, and he turned and left. 'No, I guess not. No time.'

"Alright folks. I'm not making any promises here. We may not see any combat, however that is highly unlikely. What I can guarantee is that each as every one of you will be scared. But know that if Sanctuary falls, so does New Tython, and with it everyone that you hold dear. So when you see the enemy, don't hold anything back." Droveth spoke with a voice he had never used, a voice of a leader. "We will be in Bay 4, follow me."

The next 30 minutes were excruciatingly slow. The members of the fleet who remained had engaged the O'reenians in dogfights, but from his position Droveth could see none of the conflict outside. His squad had no way of knowing what was happening; Seridan had ordered him to maintain radio silence. It wasn't until an explosion rocked Bay 4 that he knew the battle has reached Sanctuary. Over the intercom came a message that everyone expected but no one wanted.

"Attention all personnel, Bay 2 has been breached. I repeat, Bay 2 has been breached." Droveth felt a bead of sweat roll down his face. How many of his brothers and sisters were in Bay 2? He probed out with the force, hoping for a hint. All he felt was death.

Another explosion, this one closer. Again the intercom clicked on, but the system had been damaged. All he could make out was "Bay 3".

"They'll be breaching Bay 4 next, be ready. Remember, do not hesitate. They won't." Droveth boomed, moving forward and turning to the squad. "This is our only chance. They will not get past us alive." Suddenly an explosion rocked the Bay door and threw a few of the soldiers to the floor. Droveth fell forward, catching himself and flipping over to face the enemy. Once his feet were planted he ignited his saber in a crack. The Knight lunged forward into the breach just as the soldiers began pouring through and tried to bottleneck the flow.

Droveth slashed and stabbed, but there was not way to stop them. Every time he took one down, two more took there place. But he could not stop. Soldier after soldier fell, and the quiet peaceful Jedi was soon covered in there blood. He spun and kicked one back through the opening, hoping to slow them down. Taking the moment he turned to command his squad, but they were nowhere to be found.

"Those damn fools!" He roared, turning back to the battle and throwing one soldier against the wall. His vision blurred and anger filled him. Suddenly he was not a Jedi defending Sanctuary; he was just a man who was killing. Just a weapon.

His light saber was ripped from his hand and thrown out the breach. Droveth grabbed the perpetrator around the neck and twisted, tossing him to the floor. He grabbed his blaster and just started firing. There was so much smoke, so much blood. He couldn't see, he just fired. The Jedi didn't know how long he stood there, maybe an hour, maybe 5. The next thing he knew someone was grabbing him from behind.

"Droveth! Droveth!" It was Mar Sul, his master, holding his shoulders. He could see that Mar was screaming, but it seemed so quiet. "It's over! Your okay, it's over!"

He dropped the blaster and slumped to his knees. Blood and sweat stung his eyes and his muscles ached. He could see that many of the Jedi had now gathered in Bay 4 and were staring at him, or behind him. Mar grabbed him by his arm and helped him out of the room and through the hallway; he heard bits and pieces of conversations as he passed.

"..held Bay 4 all alone?"

"Where did all the blood come from?"

How many people did he..."

"Master?" Droveth turned to his master as they entered the shuttle for Seher. "Did we hold them?"

"Yes we did." He almost thought he felt compassion in his voice. Mar handed him his saber. He couldn't remember how he had lost it.

"Good, let's go home."

3rd place