Competition: A verse for the ‘Hawk’

A verse for the ‘Hawk’

Write a six stanza poem with four lines per stanza (24 lines total) about the Nighthawk and her crew. This will be a standard rhyming poem with the rhyming words being last in the line. The rhyme pattern will be ABAB and does not need to continue between stanzas, but it is encouraged.


Rulvak is the Captain

He guides us through space

Talk back and you’ll get a smackin’

Right in your face

As shown in the example, the rhyme pattern alternates lines.

Entries will be judged by adherence to prescribed format, creativity, and judges personal enjoyment.

Competition Information
Organized by
Reaver Occultan Iacul, Warlord Rulvak Qurroc
Running time
2015-11-16 until 2015-11-30 (15 days)
Target Unit
Battle Team Nighthawk
Competition Type
Fifth Level Crescents
3 subscribers, of which 2 have participated.
Battlemaster Tracinya Beviin Entar
File submission
1st place
Warlord Rulvak Qurroc
Textual submission

"Goodbye to the Nighthawk!"
Said Kordath with glee
As he stood at the dock
Glad to be home free.

"Goodbye to the Nighthawk!"
Said Kordath with glee
As he stood at the dock
Glad to be home free.

He glanced at the Captain
That stood in his place.
"Now I need a chaplain
For that time in space."

"You have all of your things?"
Asked the wise Sephi.
"I care not!" the Ryn sings,
"Now to go sight see!"

"Not so fast with you, Bleu."
Said Captain Rulvak.
Curiosity grew,
As the Ryn turned back.

"You forgot your grand stash,
Hidden very well.
It will now be MY cache,
My thirst, it will quell."

"Good find for you, my friend."
Bleu said with a grin.
"To you, I will commend
this very fine win!"

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