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Warlord Andrelious J. Mimosa-Inahj
Anteian Cross
Requested by
Augur Aiden Lee Deshra
Primary reason

Within Dinaari, there is no other member as active as Andrelious. Whether it is being available for gaming, or giving advice when needed, he is always readily available when called upon. Because of his dependability I see Andrelious as one of my most valued House members.

It has been a couple months sense Andelious was last honored for his achievements and activity. In that time he has helped organize 5 competitions, and participated in 25 others; placing in 13 of them. He has been most active in his gaming, earning 318 clusters of fire, 14 clusters of earth, and 2 Pendants of Blood. Andrelious has also done quite a bit of fictional work earning himself 34 clusters of ice.

Because of his unwavering support to his House and Clan, and his remarkable activity I would happily present him with an Anteian Cross.

Augur Aiden Lee Deshra, 2016-04-27 04:04:36 UTC
Additional reasons

Mark is one of those members who is always asking what he can do next for the house. Of all the members; he actively seeks involvement in any shape or form. Competitions drive activity, and for that reason alone is worth merit. Mark has sought to bring Taldryan Trivia back; which I greatly applaud. Not that the answer R2D2 has ever shown up. It's not enough to create and run competition. Mark actively competes in competition and wins. He is an unstopable force within Dinaari.

Omega Kira

Quaestor of House Dinaari

Of Clan Taldryan

Battlemaster Omega Kira, 2016-04-27 03:57:06 UTC