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Corsair Laren Uscot
Ruby Scepter
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Reaver Saba Astor Tarentae
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A Ruby Scepter is awarded for "extreme dedication to one or more specific aspects of the" Brotherhood, and I can find no one more fitting of that description than my friend, Laren Uscot. Laren has served as my Praetor for ten months but the reality of much of that tenure has led to him serving more as a co-HM than anything else. Every course we released during his tenure - Sith Order CORE, Run-on Studies, Fiction Studies, Advanced Warfare, and the entire rebooted History department - he personally coded in Markdown and created the exams for. He was the driving force behind the logic of our degrees revamp which led to the alteration of six degrees; not only did this allow for changes that had been made causing some degrees to be outdated, but also brought some of them more in balance with others of their type. He also oversaw the redevelopment (combing the Wiki to correct outdated information and update/bring into current usage our practices, etc.) of the Shadow Academy's Wiki articles with Bentre - a project he completely planned and executed on his own, with nothing more than my blessing. It should be noted we haven't made a concerted effort to police our Wiki presence in my tenure, so there was a lot of outdated info out there they had to find and correct - over thirty articles' worth. This is of course to say nothing of the ten months worth of emails and Telegram chats where he offered his input - solicited or not, but always welcome - on every issue and question that came through the Headmaster's office. He even served as the de facto Headmaster in my place when the dual (and diametrically opposed) realities of a cruise and a hurricane knocked me out of commission for a few weeks in the summer. I'm comfortable in saying no decision of any importance (and many of little importance) that I've made since April have been made without his consultation and counsel.

I'm not a fan of retirement gifts - my thought is that if someone deserves an award they should be given it when they've earned it, not as a way of saying "thanks." Thought this award is timed to coincide with Laren's retirement from the office of P:HM, it shouldn't be seen as a "golden watch" or anything along those lines but instead a long-overdue token of my (and the DB's) deep appreciation for his work. Thank you, Laren, for serving as my right-hand for these ten months and allowing me to be the best HM I could be.

Reaver Saba Astor Tarentae, 2018-02-13 01:22:50 UTC
Additional reasons

Over the past five months since his last Clan activity award, Laren Uscot has been everything a Consul could ask for, both on the level of active member and hard working summit member. He has impressed with his participation in events across Plagueis while being absolutely invaluable to me as a leader, especially since stepping up to the role of Proconsul. On an individual level, he has participated in 36 competitions to earn a Gold Nova and 3 Amethyst, 3 Sapphire, and 1 Emerald Crescents. He has earned 18 Clusters of Fire and 8 Clusters of Ice, and 3 Seals of Wrath. More importantly than his participation as a member, however, have been his contributions to the Plagueis summit. He served ably as Aedile for three months before stepping up to take over the role of Proconsul last December. Since that time, he has been a revelation. He has taken over a job that had for quite some time been reactive in nature, implementing directives and not much else, and turned it into a proactive role. He has worked to both monitor and mentor the House summits of both Ajunta Pall and Karness Muur, bringing over the weekly check ins that he developed during his time as Praetor to the Headmaster. He was the primary coordinator of summit activity during our recent Vacation on Dagobah event, helping the House summit direct their strategies for member outreach and involvement. Those efforts saw a marked increase in overall participation Clan wide compared to the Great Jedi War, with 30 members entering at least one event and 369 total entries across the two week competition. I have no doubt that Laren's work and advice, focusing on individual leader to member interactions, was directly responsible for the improved activity numbers across the entire Clan.

His efforts to Clan Plagueis have been no less valuable than his work for Farrin within the Shadow Academy, and I know that I, as Consul, and lucky to have him working beside me. He has been and continues to be an irreplaceable part of our Clan, and it is my distinct honor to contribute to his first sacramental award. Well done, sir!

Adept Selika Roh, 2018-02-13 00:43:42 UTC