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Feb 20, 2018
Event ID
Corsair Laren Uscot
Old Rank
Raider (Equite 2)
New Rank
Corsair (Equite 3)
Requested by
Adept Selika Roh
Primary reason

Laren is by far one of the most indispensable members of the Plaguiean summit, bar none. Over the past eleven and a half months he's done amazing work as a leader, project coordinator, and content generator for our Clan. Beyond that, he's been an amazing member from the perspective of personal activity. It is my intent to break down those areas to demonstrate his worthiness for elevation to the rank of Equite 3.

First, let's get the basic activity metrics out of the way. Since his last promotion, Laren has participated in 95 total competitions, while placing in 23 of them. His placements netted him one Gold Nova and 1 Diamond, 3 Ruby, 6 Amethyst, 6 Sapphire, and 6 Emerald crescents. On the gaming front he has reported 3 PvE activities and 19 PvP matches and earned 55 Clusters of Fire. In the realm of fiction he completed 2 ACC matches, 11 fiction activities (totaling 9,171 words), and 7 run on posts (9,382 words) to bring in 41 Clusters of Ice. He's also all over the place with his other activities: 4 Clusters of Graphite for graphics, 1 Dark Side Scroll for having an article chosen as a featured article on the DJB Wiki, and 1 Scroll of indoctrination for recruiting TuQ'uan Varick. During the recent Great Jedi War, even though his availability was limited, he made invaluable contributions to our first place RO team (even as he wrote his first post from inside the back of a Light Armored Vehicle while in the field with the Canadian army) and totaled 3 Seals of Wrath. A reasonably impressive total of individual activity, but it pales in comparison to his work as a leader.

Laren has held positions in three different leadership areas since his last promotion: working for the Headmaster, working on my DJB Wiki staff, and his service on the Clan Plagueis summit. Farrin went into more detail below about his Shadow Academy work in his Ruby Scepter recommendation, and Laren has earned 16 Scrolls of Foundation for it as well. As a member of the Wiki Staff for nearly two months, he contributed to organizational projects as well as the thankless, invisible job of patrolling new edits to help prevent mistakes or miscategorizations on the part of editors. By far, however, the best of his work that he did for me was in Clan Plaguies as a member of my summit. He first served as Quaestor of House Ajunta Pall, leading it during our Enemy Below Clan event. He set up his team-specific Telegram channel to serve as a touchstone for the team members of mixed house origins, helping keep them interested and active during the competition. He also issued personal emails to his members each week of the event, making sure that those that were not engaged on Telegram still received personalized contact from their leaders. As he shifted to the role of Battleteam Leader of The Circle, our team that focused on mentoring new members and helping them find their footing in Clan Plaguies, Laren continued to excel. His engagement as the team's direct point of contact, both via email messaging and Telegram, was invaluable to keeping these members engaged. Most importantly, he directly served as TuQ'ann's master and lead him to the rank of JM4 (and recently to his first Equite promotion), and also helped mentor TuQ'uann into an invaluable member of the Plagueis summit in his own right. He then transferred to an Aedile position in House Karness Muur, continuing his amazing work there as well. All along the way he has been timely in his report posting, keeping all of his members up to date on what activities are going on both in and out of Plagueis. He recently made the jump to Proconsul and has been on the job now for nearly three months. He's stepped up and helped me with a new Clan initiative to promote more proactive and involved summit members. He has instituted tracking metrics for the summit as well as a weekly check in via Telegram he adapted from his work as Praetor to the Headmaster to specifically highlight what summit members are doing well and where they need to improve. His work during the recent Vacation on Dagobah event was without peer, both guiding the House summit members running the event, the House summit members leading their units, and the membership of the Clan at large, helping Plagueis generate 369 total entries across the two week competition. It's no overstatement to say that Laren has already shown the activity and drive that goes along with service in the second highest post in a Clan, focusing on proactive leadership instead of sitting around and waiting to be told what to do. Beyond his positional duties, he also worked with Ronovi on our Aliso City project. Ideas for various locations for a newly developed Plagueian city on our Clan homeworld were submitted by the Clan members at large during our Enemy Below event, and it was Laren and Ronovi's job to translate rough ideas into a workable format. In doing so, they created the Aliso City article, one of the largest expansions to Plagueis's canon lore since our release of Aliso a year ago.

Laren has done amazing work for both the Shadow Academy and Plaguies, as evidenced by the pair of Steel Crosses he's earned to go along with his Ruby Scepter mentioned above. I cannot wait to see what he does next, as his work so far has left me very impressed. It is my pleasure to put his name forward for advancement to the third Equite rank. Congratulations, and well done!

Adept Selika Roh, 2018-02-20 04:25:21 UTC