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Warlord Andrelious J. Inahj
Sapphire Blade
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Warlord Ronovi Tavisaen
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Andrelious, also known as Mark, joined the Plagueian family back in July of 2019 and quickly made a place for himself. Since then, he has performing and contributing to the clan as if he had been here for years, while keeping things fresh and lighting a fire under the butts of existing Plagueians. No matter what is going on in the Brotherhood or real life, Mark always makes sure to check in on Telegram and help drive the conversation in a fun, interesting and constructive way.

Mark joined Plagueis without missing a beat and quickly became instrumental in pushing other members in true Plagueian fashion, leading by example. Since his last recognition in January of 2019, Mark has participated in a whopping 104 competitions and co-organized 17 competitions himself. He most recently helped co-organize the Quarantine Quests event in order to help distract and entertain members of the Brotherhood during difficult times.

One of the most impressive things about Mark is that he is willing to try anything. Whether it’s gaming, fiction, graphics, puzzles or any other type of competition, Mark has made sure to participate in it. Mark is constantly gaming, earning himself 85 Clusters of Fire and 72 Clusters of Earth. He has 5 completed ACC matches, written 9 run on posts, and completed a mind blowing 23,039 words in fiction, earning 75 Clusters of Ice. But it doesn’t stop there, Mark has even flexed his artistic skills for an impressive 28 Clusters of Graphite. With Mark, it’s not just the quantity of competitions he’s participated in, but the sheer amount of effort he puts into every entry that has earned him an incredible 52 placements, including a Gold Novae in the last Vendetta. Mark does not just believe in quantity of work, but also in quality; he puts himself one hundred percent into his submissions, and that makes a load of difference.

Mark’s astounding list of contributions and awards goes on and on. He earned 14 Seals of Discord in the last vendetta which he earned while encouraging his fellow Plagueians to do their best and taking the lead on group competitions, and he continued his love of the ACC by helping the team review the revised edition of the ACC rubric. We can honestly say that we don’t believe there is a single part of this club that Mark has not made an effort to partake in; whether it’s continuing his education through the Shadow Academy or flexing his encyclopedic knowledge of the club through trivia (where he earned 4 Legions of the Scholar, so clearly, he’s still king), Mark's presence is felt all throughout the club. He fraternizes with everyone on Telegram, makes himself available constantly for projects, and is all around is a dedicated and hard working dude.

Has it been Easy Street for Mark this year? No. And yet, we feel whatever stumbles he’s hit, he’s been able to drastically overcome. That, by far, is one of the most admirable things about him: No matter what mistakes he makes, he learns from them, gets back up, and becomes stronger than ever. He provides honest feedback for Plagueis, isn’t afraid to get in your face, and doesn’t care what others think of him if he’s getting the job done. And if he improves and becomes better as a person and Plagueian as a result, then we condone it.

In short, because of his work in making Plagueis a better place through his positive attitude when dealing with other members of the clan, his constant drive to participate and encourage others to do so, as well as his eagerness to help with projects and ideas, we are honoured to recommend Andrelious for a much deserved third Sapphire Blade. Keep building that collection!

~ Ronovi Tavisaen and TuQ’uan Varick

Dread Lord and Dread Lord’s Wrath of Plagueis

Warlord Ronovi Tavisaen, 2020-04-29 00:26:51 UTC