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20 BBY, Standard Year
Republic News Alert:

Reporting live from the Senate Building on Coruscant, where the esteemed General Tuxing, who you may remember from last years expose on the training and life of you Clones on Kamino, has just returned to his home planet for the first time in months, after completing what have now come to be known as The Alethia Incursion Campaigns.

The Alethian Field, as previously discussed, is a cluster of semi-habitable asteroids orbiting a dwarf star. Located on the front lines of the war with the Separatist Rebellion, the Alethian Field has been regarded as an impoverished sector, and has survived this long due to substantial aid from the Senate over the last several decades.

Approximately six month ago, Standard Calendar Time, a fleet of Separatists ships dropped out of lightspeed in the skies over the small colonies, terrifying the homesteaders there, and announcing their intentions to annex the entire system for a droid processing facility.

The esteemed Supreme Chancellor Palpatine immediately denounced the attack, stating the Republic would not stand by while droid armies were produced from within our own borders. General Tuxing and his fleet were immediately dispatched to the Alethian Fields, and began the long series of campaigns to expunge the now entrenched facilities and their armies, before finally succeeding two weeks ago, though sadly not before the Separatist forces badly damaged two Alethian settlements, apparently out of pure spite.

Nevertheless though, the Alethian people are free once more!

The people are already cheering for General Tuxing, the Alethian Hero!

20 BBY, Galactic Standard Year
Confederacy News Channel

Greeting, citizens of the Confederacy of Independent Systems. I, Count Dooku, regret to inform you that the war criminal known as General Roven Tuxing, has sadly managed to escape from our troops, fleeing back into the arms of the corrupt Republic Senate, where they no doubt seek to shelter him from retribution for his acts.

As you are no doubt aware, Tuxing first became known to us during his assault on the Alethian Fields, a small community which has been neglected by the Republic for years, receiving only paltry gestures of “aid,” barely sufficient to keep even one of their cities running.

A confederacy delegation arrived six months ago, offering our support in return for their hosting several of our droid facilities on their uninhabited asteroids, an offer the graciously accepted.

However, as is proved by the very existence of the miserably conflict, the tyrannical Republic broaches no descent within their ranks, not even from the ones they have already abandoned, and the vicious General was sent to subjugate the colonies once more.

After a protracted resistance, our forces were driven out in the wake of his unrelenting barrage, in which several Alethian Cities were decimated.

Know this, people of the Alethian Fields, we have not abandoned you. General Tuxing, your time will come.

20 BBY
Alethian Chronicle

As of today, the nightmare of the last few months has finally ended with General Tuxing’s withdrawl, apparently satisfied that his so-called “rebel cells” have been driven out of our system completely.

Hard to believe this whole thing started because we made a business deal with some off-worlders purchasing some of our unused land.

As always, our hearts go out to the citizens of Araba, Benta, and Ordal, the cities that were most heavily damaged in the cross-fire between the two foreign armies.