Fiction Activity

[GJW XIV Phase I] Fiction - The Old Tongue
Textual submission

(did a haiku)

Bloodshed in darkness
Shadows bind the stars in death
Darkness shatters light

Storms rise and strike fierce
Echoes of past Lords are heard
Ancient power freed

Death and sacrifice
Hate must conquer foolish love
Chaos power gained

Only the worthy
No room for fear and death
Darkness rules again

High Sith translation:
Wirzyasshu'ija ir jina'tis
Hadzuska mirji ri w'ana ir kûts
Jina'tis timiri rokatsa

Asimi dradzia diâ tiwi dtoanazi
Iwa iw drosar ari aji
Nimyi midwan ridasi

Kûts diâ Aukotis
Zûtaiki nayir zarmi kinriai aki
Chhaosas midwan tihri

Ros ri arji
Ra dzikdta dzis nairi ao kûts
Jina'tis ririna wau



The artifact is a scepter/lance made of obsidian with an inscription carved in and filled with white Force crystal shards. At the top of the lance is a crystalline elongated blade, the edges sharpened and shaped to resemble a lance point. When the user reaches out to the Force with the ancient weapon as the focus, dark side energy channels through the scepter and into the user enhancing their power and abilities. When used as a weapon, it can unleash an energy blade of Force energy in any energy form desired. For example, it can be a blast of lightning, pure dark energy, or fire. Within the obsidian part of the staff, is a Force crystal-shard-filled hollowed section that is also bound by Force energy. However, this weapon is dormant, and will only wake when a worthy user has granted it a taste of their blood. Any kill made from betrayal by the weapon seems to enhance it power even more. The weapon’s most notable ability is to sap surrounding light from an area, and can create a temporary nexus of dark energy strong enough in a radius of twenty miles nullifying light side energy. Those who fight alongside the user will experience a boost in their own power.