Heroes of the Storm (PvE)

Heroes of the Storm (PvE) is a PvE platform. Playing together with other Dark Brotherhood members against the environment or computer-controlled opponents will allow participants to collect Clusters of Earth based on the following list.

Vs. AI Mode
Base Value:
1.0 Cluster of Earth
Daily Cap:
30 Clusters of Earth
Applicable Modifiers:
Heroes of the Storm
  • HotS Difficulty (Beginner/Recruit): × 2.0
  • HotS Difficulty (Adept): × 2.5
  • HotS Difficulty (Veteran): × 3.0
  • HotS Difficulty (Elite): × 4.0
Number of Club Members Present
  • 2-3 DB Member Group: × 1.0
  • 4-5 DB Member Group: × 1.1
HotS Milestone Award
Base Value:
1.0 Pendant of Blood
Daily Cap: