AB-75 Bo-rifle

Item Details
AB-75 Bo-rifle
Special Blaster
Weapon (Blasters)
2 slots
Base price

The AB-75 Bo-rifle is a very heavy weapon originating from the Lasat that functions as both a blaster rifle and an electrostaff, taking only several seconds to quickly transform from one configuration to the other while capable of delivering lethal melee strikes to anyone close enough in either mode. As a blaster rifle it is very accurate out to medium-range and is capable of both fully automatic and semi-automatic firing settings. As an electrostaff, it extends to a length to allow it to be used in combat outside the range of lightsabers, and electromagnetic pulse generating tips activate that are capable of blunt-force strikes ranging from a stunning jolt to a deadly charge and can withstand and hold up against strikes from a lightsaber. In this form it uses the Blunt Weapons skill.

Item Slots


Aspect/Upgrade Slots
  • 1 slot allowing Aspects of type Melee Weapon Cosmetic
Granted Item Aspects
  • Electromagnetic Pulse Generator: The handle of this weapon is equipped with a generator that sends constant electromagnetic pulses to the weapon's striking surface during use. While active, the striking surface of [this item] can parry lightsaber blades; however, the rest of the weapon is vulnerable to a lightsaber's plasma blade.
Purchase Restrictions
No restrictions
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