Silver Sash

Silver Sash
Type: Combat Enhancement
Category: Award

Granted: Sith Alchemy Armor

Owned by: Adept Baxir Vol

Prototype: Silver Sash

The Silver Sash is a finely woven blend of fabrics embedded with flakes of Mandalorian Iron giving it the unique ability to resist damage by a lightsaber blade. Typically not considered a weapon, but finds use as a defensive tool in battle by some, typically worn as either a scarf, waist-sash or arm guard.

Granted Aspect: Sith Alchemy Armor (Granted)

Sith Alchemy Armor

Silver Sash has been permanently altered by the Dark side of the Force using Sith Alchemy, these alchemical alterations give Baxir Vol the ability to resist lightsaber attacks using his Silver Sash.

Item History
Date Event
Dec 6, 2016 Sold to Adept Baxir Vol