Remnant Admiral's Armor

Remnant Admiral's Armor
(Elder Tailored Brotherhood Robes)
Type: Armor
Category: Special Armor

Armor Resistance Modification : Kinetic Resistance

Special Armor Category: Light Armor

Armor Modification: Mobility Augment

Item Aspect/Upgrade Slots available: 1


Owned by: Master Dacien Victae

Prototype: Elder Tailored Brotherhood Robes

The Elder Tailored Brotherhood Robes are attire available only to those who have had custom tailored robes designed as a mark of their own legacy within the Brotherhood. It consists of attire designed by the Herald of the Brotherhood with your own style.

Kinetic Resistance (Armor Resistance Modification )

Remnant Admiral's Armor has been altered for increased resistance to kinetic forces, such as blunt impacts, at the expense of the mobility normally attributed to Elder Tailored Brotherhood Robes.

Light Armor (Special Armor Category)

Remnant Admiral's Armor provides base level protection. It can withstand glancing cuts and blows but will buckle against medium to heavy blunt force and direct strikes from bladed weapons. No protection from blasters and slugthrowers.

Mobility Augment (Armor Modification)

Remnant Admiral's Armor has added aggressive traction and metal to the footwear on this Elder Tailored Brotherhood Robes. This gives Dacien Victae better traction with the ground, but steps are much noisier and rougher with the ground they come in contact with.

Empty Aspect Slot
Accepts Tailored Armor
Item History
Date Event
Dec 7, 2016 Sold to Antares Consolidated Armorers
Dec 7, 2016 Sold to Master Dacien Victae by Antares Consolidated Armorers
Jul 23, 2020 Renamed from Elder Tailored Brotherhood Robes to Remnant Admiral's Armor by Master Dacien Victae