Peace Flayer

Peace Flayer
(Double-bladed Lightsaber)
Type: Weapon (Lightsaber)
Category: Lightsaber

Size: 2 slots

Item Aspect/Upgrade Slots available: 3

Lightsaber Focusing Crystal: Empty


Owned by: Jason Hunter

Prototype: Double-bladed Lightsaber

The Double-bladed Lightsaber, or Saberstaff, is a lightsaber weapon with a blade emitting from both ends of the hilt. Both plasma blades were powered by crystals in the hilt that determined their characteristics and color. The twin blades double the opportunity for both attacking and defending, making it a useful offensive and defensive weapon depending on the skill of the one who wields it. Both blades are capable of cutting through virtually anything, including blast doors, if given enough time.

Empty Aspect Slot
Accepts Double-bladed Lightsaber Cosmetic
Empty Upgrade Slot
Accepts Lightsaber Structural Upgrade - I or Lightsaber Structural Upgrade - II
Empty Upgrade Slot
Accepts Lightsaber Enhancement - I or Lightsaber Enhancement - II
Lightsaber Focusing Crystal (0/1)

This slot is empty