Golden Lightsaber

Golden Lightsaber
Type: Weapon (Lightsaber)
Category: Award

Item Aspect/Upgrade Slots available: 2

Owned by: Grand Master Jac Cotelin

Prototype: Golden Lightsaber

The Golden Lightsaber is the ultimate recognition of one’s service to the Brotherhood. With all the functionality of a lightsaber, and a painstakingly crafted hilt that is plated entirely in the rarest electrum from pommel to shroud. The unique design of the emitter reaches out to bring the blade into perfect harmonic balance. When activated, the blade has a unique golden hue that radiates brightly from the alchemically treated generator crystal.

Empty Aspect Slot
Accepts Elder Lightsaber Cosmetic
Empty Aspect Slot
Accepts Conversion Hilt Lightsaber or Dual-Phase Lightsaber
Item History
Date Event
Dec 6, 2016 Sold to Grand Master Jac Cotelin