BlasTech DC-17 Blaster Pistol

BlasTech DC-17 Blaster Pistol
Type: Weapon (Blasters)
Category: Blaster Pistol

Item Aspect/Upgrade Slots available: 2


Owned by: NPC Armory

Prototype: BlasTech DC-17 Blaster Pistol

The BlasTech DC-17 is a compact blaster pistol, handy in closer-quarters combat due to being capable of quick successive volleys of shots when fully recharged, but then requiring a recharge before firing again. Due to its shared mechanics with DC-17m ICWS, it was often paired by Clones familiar with the weapons systems or dual wielded.

Empty Aspect Slot
Accepts Ranged Weapon Cosmetic
Empty Upgrade Slot
Accepts Blaster Weapon Enhancement - I or Blaster Weapon TargettIng Enhancement - I