Armorweave Cloak

Armorweave Cloak
Type: Back
Category: Cover

Back Cover Cosmetic: Mark Of Pride


Owned by: Commander Rax Von-Klug

Prototype: Armorweave Cloak

The Armorweave Cloak is a loose garment with an attached hood that is worn over existing armor or clothing to protect the wearer from the elements, or to hide someone's appearance that is made from armorweave cloth material capable of dissipating indirect blaster bolts.

Mark Of Pride (Back Cover Cosmetic)

As a symbol of recognition, Armorweave Cloak has been imprinted with the emblem of Rax Von-Klug's clan. The design is large and easy to see, implemented in such a way as to draw attention to it through changes in texture and an intelligent use of border color.

Item History
Date Event
Jan 2, 2017 Sold to Antares Consolidated Armourers
Jan 3, 2017 Sold to Commander Rax Von-Klug by Antares Consolidated Armourers