Type/Category: Cybernetic

Cybernetic: An Arm For Every Season


Owned by: Battlelord K'tana

Prototype: Cybernetic

The Cybernetic is a technological replacement of an organic body part or parts.

An Arm For Every Season (Cybernetic)

Maenaki Dalevi'in recently lost her left arm and has made a bad situation into an art show. Her forearm down to her fingertips has been replaced by an intricately designed cybernetic arm that looks more like an accessory than it does machinery. Replaceable covers quickly change the exterior from a dangerous-looking piece of armor to an elegant, extravagant or subtle addition to her wardrobe. The piece frequently complements her choice of outfit, bearing a flowery mesh-like outer layer encrusted with small glittering crystal embellishments. As most of her clothing choices, the arm is frequently black, but she does occasionally use a more discrete covering that resembles her natural arm, all the way to the fingers - of which she makes sure to paint the nails to match both sides.

Item History
Date Event
Jan 17, 2017 Sold to Utilis Innovations
Jan 17, 2017 Sold to Battlelord K'tana by Utilis Innovations