Imperial Sentry Droid

Imperial Sentry Droid
Type: Droid
Category: Combat Droid

Droid Personality: Predatory Inclination

Droid Modification: Reinforced Plating

Droid Cosmetic: Black As Night

Droid Combat Modification: Combat Exclusive

Weapon: Empty


Owned by: Capital Enterprises

Prototype: Imperial Sentry Droid

The Imperial Sentry Droid is a combat droid with a powerful built-in blaster rifle designed to function as a protective sentry aboard the Galactic Empire's cargo ships. It can be linked to other Imperial Sentry Droid's and programmed to activate when attacked, powering on an entire group of them. It has a bipedal design with a heavily armored frame and broad shoulders, with a cylindrical head and bright red photoreceptors.

Predatory Inclination (Droid Personality)

Imperial Sentry Droid has developed a predatory nature similar to those often associated with assassin droids. As a result, Imperial Sentry Droid will often approach a situation with the mind set of a hunter, and convey their findings as such. This can be disconcerting to others who are unaccustomed to Imperial Sentry Droid.

Reinforced Plating (Droid Modification)

Imperial Sentry Droid has been modified from standard design parameters to be fitted with reinforced plating. As a result, when compared side by side with the standard Imperial Sentry Droid, Imperial Sentry Droid is found to be more durable while its ability to move has been inhibited.

Black As Night (Droid Cosmetic)

Imperial Sentry Droid has had every external component painted black as night, with attempts to minimize the brightness of external lights and features. This allows this Imperial Sentry Droid to more easily blend into the shadows and darkness unseen.

Combat Exclusive (Droid Combat Modification)

Imperial Sentry Droid has had its programs re-written and mechanical systems hard-wired for combat operations. This augmentation gives this Imperial Sentry Droid a significant increase in combat efficiency in eliminating targets on behalf of Rutgar-4, but at the expense of it being usable for much else except for combat.

Weapon (0/1)

This slot is empty