ID9 Seeker Droid

ID9 Seeker Droid
Type: Droid
Category: Probe Droid

Droid Cosmetic: Functional Disrepair

Droid Modification: Electric Defense Grid

Droid Personality: Servant Droid


Owned by: NPC Armory

Prototype: ID9 Seeker Droid

The ID9 Seeker Droid is a model of probe droid consisting of a half-hemisphere dome with a red photoreceptor. It is equipped with four tentacle-like limbs with pincer hands and electro-shock prods. Additionally, they were capable of both hovering and crawling, as well as imitating the sounds of other droid models.

Functional Disrepair (Droid Cosmetic)

ID9 Seeker Droid could be said to have seen better days. Looking more like the result of a scavenging run than a fully functioning ID9 Seeker Droid, its plating is missing in several key locations which leaves its internal circuitry exposed. Wiring flows out of the main chassis before snaking its way back under the next panel along its path. Servos and non-critical systems are laid bare for all to see, but ID9 Seeker Droid retains its functionality despite this.

Electric Defense Grid (Droid Modification)

ID9 Seeker Droid has been fitted with an electric defense grid on its outer shell that acts as a self-defense mechanism, and when active this ID9 Seeker Droid will give a protective shock to anyone who makes direct contact. This shock will temporarily incapacitate the droid as well for several seconds, as it reboots its own system in reaction to the power fluctuations.

Servant Droid (Droid Personality)

ID9 Seeker Droid has been programmed to serve NPC Armory without question. Acting much like a butler, ID9 Seeker Droid will act for the most part in silence, and will adhere to the literal definition of its instructions to the best of its abilities.