(KX-series Security Droid)
Type: Droid
Category: Combat Droid

Droid Enhancement Upgrade - I: Improved Sensor Suite (Basic)

Combat Droid Upgrade - II: Enhanced Combat Protocols (Basic)

Droid Personality: Insecurity Droid

Droid Modification: Memory Upgrade

Weapon: Empty


Owned by: Augur Justinios Taldrya Drake

Prototype: KX-series Security Droid

The KX-series Security droid, also known as an enforcer droid, is a security droid designed for use by the Galactic Empire. It comes fitted with a comm package, recharge port and computer interface arm that allows them to connect to communication frequencies in respective areas they were assigned across the galaxy. It has a tall and versatile humanoid bipedal design that gives it great versatility and provides the ability to operate a multitude of vehicles or assist in a wide range of tasks designed for humanoids.

Improved Sensor Suite (Basic) (Droid Enhancement Upgrade - I)

An improved sensor suite has been installed inside the droid brain of K1-L0, allowing a slightly wider scanning area than a standard KX-series Security Droid.

Enhanced Combat Protocols (Basic) (Combat Droid Upgrade - II)

K1-L0 has been programmed with slightly improved combat protocols, allowing it to perform slightly better in multiple combat scenarios when compared to other KX-series Security Droids.

Insecurity Droid (Droid Personality)

K1-L0 has developed a self-esteem problem after many years of neglect and abuse from former owners. This pushes K1-L0 to complete tasks his owner assigns to him to exacting specifications but leads the droid to constantly seek praise for actions even in tense or downright dangerous situations.

Memory Upgrade (Droid Modification)

K1-L0 has had additional memory installed that increases its computing power. This allows it to perform complex analytical operations at a marginally faster rate, but limits the ability to further customize the KX-series Security Droid in any other way.

Weapon (0/2)

This slot is empty

Item History
Date Event
Aug 14, 2017 Sold to Utilis Innovations
Sep 1, 2017 Sold to Warlord Mauro Wynter by Utilis Innovations
Sep 1, 2017 Sold to Utilis Innovations by Warlord Mauro Wynter
Sep 1, 2017 Sold to Unknown by Utilis Innovations
Sep 7, 2017 Sold to Utilis Innovations
Oct 8, 2017 Sold to Augur Justinios Taldrya Drake by Utilis Innovations
Oct 8, 2017 Renamed from KX-series Security Droid to K1-L0 by Augur Justinios Taldrya Drake