Technocratic Implant

Technocratic Implant
Type: Combat Enhancement
Category: Technology


Owned by: Augur Justinios Taldrya Drake

Prototype: Technocratic Implant

The Technocratic Implant is a nanotechnology-based device that is implanted beneath the skin and can administer coagulants and doses of pain relievers when activated upon injury to the user to help them either seek further medical attention or continue in combat uninterrupted. They were designed for use specifically by the cyborg shocktroopers within the ranks of the Collective, aiding them in their efforts in combat. Having been designed by the Technocrats and manufactured in the Capital Enterprises factories, it's unclear what potential risks come from implanting enemy technology on someone's body, despite the inherit benefits of the device.

Item History
Date Event
Dec 5, 2017 Sold to Shroud Syndicate Market
Dec 5, 2017 Sold to Colonel Liandry Lhucci Cataa by Shroud Syndicate Market
Jan 20, 2018 Sold to Utilis Innovations by Colonel Liandry Lhucci Cataa
Jan 21, 2018 Sold to Unknown by Utilis Innovations
Dec 12, 2018 Sold to Shroud Syndicate Market
Dec 12, 2018 Sold to Augur Justinios Taldrya Drake by Shroud Syndicate Market