SE-44C "Collective Officer's" Blaster Pistol

SE-44C "Collective Officer's" Blaster Pistol
Type: Weapon (Blasters)
Category: Blaster Pistol

Item Aspect/Upgrade Slots available: 1


Owned by: Master Dacien Victae

Prototype: SE-44C "Collective Officer's" Blaster Pistol

The SE-44C "Collective Officer's" Blaster Pistol is a custom-designed version of the Sonn-Blas SE-44C blaster pistol with the same powerful slow rate of fire that is very accurate at close-range, and a flex sight that helps identify targets on the battlefield at an increased range. It has a built-in vibrating pulse that indicates to the user when the weapon is low on energy. Carried exclusively by high ranking officers of the Collective ranks, it features a unique and easily recognizable finish as a symbol of prestige and status. To wield the weapon by anyone who has not earned their position in the hierarchy through displays of loyalty and devotion to the cause is seen as an egregious sign of disrespect.

Empty Aspect Slot
Accepts Blaster Modification
Item History
Date Event
Dec 6, 2017 Sold to Shroud Syndicate Market
Dec 6, 2017 Sold to Master Dacien Victae by Shroud Syndicate Market