Jedi Hunter's Cloak

Jedi Hunter's Cloak
Type: Back
Category: Cover


Owned by: Master Dacien Victae

Prototype: Jedi Hunter's Cloak

The Jedi Hunter's Cloak is a loose garment with an attached hood that is worn over existing armor or clothing to protect the wearer from the elements, or to hide someone's appearance that is made from armorweave cloth material capable of dissipating indirect blaster bolts. It is designed for and worn exclusively by the elite and highly trained Jedi Hunters in the ranks of the Collective military. The easily recognizable patterns of the cloak are a symbol of prestige and honor within the Collective, and anyone seen wearing it who has not earned the right by completing the rigorous training and show of loyalty and devotion to the cause is seen as a sign of egregious disrespect.

Item History
Date Event
Dec 6, 2017 Sold to Shroud Syndicate Market
Dec 6, 2017 Sold to Master Dacien Victae by Shroud Syndicate Market