Shadow Academy Sith Sword

Shadow Academy Sith Sword
Type: Weapon (Bladed)
Category: Sword

Granted: Sith Alchemy Weapon

Poison Weapon: Type II - Inhibiting

Owned by: Warlord Rhys Pwyll

Prototype: Shadow Academy Sith Sword

Slotted in: SA Item Container

The Shadow Academy Sith Sword is a medium-length bladed weapon just short and light enough to still wielded single-handed. It is constructed through ancient metallurgical and arcane means safeguarded by the Dark Council of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood, giving the weapon a strong connection to dark side energies. In the right hands, it is as dangerous as a lightsaber.

Granted Aspect: Sith Alchemy Weapon (Granted)

Sith Alchemy Weapon

Shadow Academy Sith Sword has been permanently altered by the Dark side of the Force using Sith Alchemy, these alchemical alterations allow Rhys Pwyll to use his Shadow Academy Sith Sword to block incoming lightsaber attacks, as well as deflect and redirect blaster bolts.

Type II - Inhibiting (Poison Weapon)

Shadow Academy Sith Sword has been coated with a poison that can interfere with the body’s motor functions by targeting the muscles and nervous system. The affects can vary from the numbing, paralysis, or slowing of limbs to halting breathing and inducing seizures or sleep. The poison triggers on contact with the skin or bloodstream, with the most severe symptoms manifesting in the immediate area of the wound. Requires the "Poison Weapons Feat" on the Character Sheets to be effective in combat.

Item History
Date Event
Jan 4, 2018 Sold to Warlord Rhys Pwyll