Banshee Squadron

Banshee Squadron
(RZ-2 A-wing Interceptor Squadron)
Type: Squadron
Category: Starfighter

Item Aspect/Upgrade Slots available: 1


Owned by: Clan Odan-Urr

Prototype: RZ-2 A-wing Interceptor Squadron

Slotted in: Rohlan's Vision

The RZ-2 A-wing Interceptor Squadron is a space unit that consists of twelve RZ-2 A-wing Interceptors, along with trained pilots to fly them including a command element made up of a commander and an executive officer. As well as a small team of mechanics and engineers to maintain and operate the starfighters. Squadrons can operate out of capital ships that have hangar space for them, or independently.

Empty Aspect Slot
Accepts Space Vehicle Cosmetic
Item History
Date Event
Apr 10, 2018 Sold to Arx Fleet Systems
Oct 12, 2018 Sold to Clan Odan-Urr by Arx Fleet Systems
Oct 12, 2018 Renamed from RZ-2 A-wing Interceptor Squadron to White Wolves by Clan Odan-Urr
Mar 9, 2019 Renamed from White Wolves to by Clan Odan-Urr
Jul 24, 2019 Renamed to Banshee Squadron by Clan Odan-Urr