Novitiate Brotherhood Robes

Novitiate Brotherhood Robes
Type: Armor
Category: Special Armor

Special Armor Category: Medium Armor

Armor Modification: Adrenal Injector Augment

Armor Cosmetic: Loyalist Pattern


Owned by: Kaylesha Blackheart

Prototype: Novitiate Brotherhood Robes

The Novitiate Brotherhood Robes are attire given to all who exit the halls of the Shadow Academy to join a Clan of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood. It consists of attire designed by the Herald of the Brotherhood as a mark of position, since despite containing members of the newest and most inexperienced ranks, they are still members of the Brotherhood proper.

Medium Armor (Special Armor Category)

Novitiate Brotherhood Robes provides moderate protection. It can withstand cuts and blows but will buckle against the heavy blunt force of 2-3 direct strikes from bladed weapons. Glancing hits from blasters and slugthrowers are mitigated.

Adrenal Injector Augment (Armor Modification)

Novitiate Brotherhood Robes is equipped with a limited adrenal injector. This augment enables Kaylesha Blackheart to deliver a shot of adrenaline on demand in order to boost awareness for a short period, but adds encumbrance when compared to typical Novitiate Brotherhood Robes.

Loyalist Pattern (Armor Cosmetic)

Novitiate Brotherhood Robes has been designed to bear the emblem of Kaylesha Blackheart's associated faction prominently. While maintaining the color scheme associated with other Novitiate Brotherhood Robes, the large emblem is unmistakable.

Item History
Date Event
Dec 6, 2016 Sold to Kaylesha Blackheart