Novitiate Armory Lightsaber

Novitiate Armory Lightsaber
Type: Weapon (Lightsaber)
Category: Lightsaber


Owned by: Kaylesha Blackheart

Prototype: Novitiate Armory Lightsaber

The Novitiate Armory Lightsaber is a weapon given to all who exit the halls of the Shadow Academy to join a Clan of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood. It has a design that is standardized and mass produced cheaply, with the idea that they are disposable and easily recycled for parts, and that those who survive the early ranks will take the time to build their own superior lightsabers later in their careers. It produces the same powerful plasma blade as a basic lightsaber from a dull metal hilt, and is still capable of cutting through virtually anything including blast doors given enough time.

Item History
Date Event
Dec 6, 2016 Sold to Kaylesha Blackheart