Brotherhood-issued Syndicate Datapad

Brotherhood-issued Syndicate Datapad
Type: Equipment
Category: Electronics

Owned by: Master Dacien Victae

Prototype: Brotherhood-issued Syndicate Datapad

Slotted in: Society box

The Brotherhood-issued Syndicate Datapad is a high performance small electronic device used to store and display information with an incredibly high level of encryption. It provides access to the job boards including bounties and various other opportunities that, if accessed, will be properly assigned with relevant information downloaded to the device. It also includes access to a network of black market fences and safe houses to aid members to operate as members of the Shroud Syndicate tailored to their specific role and rank. Activating the device requires biometric scanning of the operator making it impossible to use unless in the hands of its living owner, quickly rendering itself useless after unauthorized access attempts.

Item History
Date Event
May 11, 2018 Sold to Master Dacien Victae