Twin Vibro-arbir Blades

Twin Vibro-arbir Blades
Type: Weapon (Bladed)
Category: Sword

Size: 2 slots

Granted: Electro-plasma Filament

Melee Weapon Cosmetic: Battleworn Weapon

Poison Weapon: Type I - Hallucinogenic

Item Aspect/Upgrade Slots available: 2


Owned by: NPC Armory

Prototype: Twin Vibro-arbir Blades

The Twin Vibro-arbir Blades are a set of modular twin-blades that can join together at the base for a double-bladed staff in a connected configuration. In the connected configuration, the weapon behaves like a standard double-bladed sword. When separated, each blade is akin to a standard short sword and requires proficiency with Dual-Wielding. The tempered, micro-edge carbonite blades have a sharp cutting edge but are not resistant to a lightsaber without the elecro-plasma filament guard.

Granted Aspect: Electro-plasma Filament (Granted)

Electro-plasma Filament

Parallel to the cutting edge of the weapon is an electro-plasma filament that creates an energized blade capable of parrying a lightsaber. The weapon draws its power from an integrated power-cell at the weapons base, increasing the cutting-edge's lethality.

Empty Upgrade Slot
Accepts Bladed Weapon Hilt Upgrade - I, Bladed Weapon Hilt Upgrade - II, or Bladed Weapon Hilt Upgrade - III
Empty Upgrade Slot
Accepts Bladed Weapon Enhancement - I, Bladed Weapon Enhancement - II, or Bladed Weapon Enhancement - III
Battleworn Weapon (Melee Weapon Cosmetic)

Twin Vibro-arbir Blades has seen combat, and it shows, with marks scarring the body on the weapon, and minor damage in the form of scratches and dents unrepaired since they had no impact on the functionality of this Twin Vibro-arbir Blades.

Type I - Hallucinogenic (Poison Weapon)

Twin Vibro-arbir Blades has been coated with a poison that can distort a victims sense of reality by causing them to feel, taste, hear, smell, or see things that may not actually be present. The affects are triggered on contact with the skin or bloodstream, and vary based on the writers discretion. Requires the "Poison Weapons Feat" on the Character Sheets to be effective in combat.

Item History
Date Event
Oct 9, 2018 Sold to NPC Armory