DSP-5 Personal Rocket Pack

DSP-5 Personal Rocket Pack
Type: Back
Category: Jetpack


Owned by: Sergeant Vor'en Drakar Santorini

Prototype: DSP-5 Personal Rocket Pack

The DSP-5 Personal Rocket Pack is a jetpack capable of launching the user up to 70 meters vertically and 160 meters horizontally depending on their mass. While not capable of sustained flight, it can be used up to a dozen times with a small cooldown period between uses. It is also well armored, allowing it to withstand light attacks without impacting performance and little to no risk of catastrophic explosion.

Item History
Date Event
Nov 18, 2018 Sold to Antares Consolidated Armorers
Mar 25, 2019 Sold to Sergeant Vor'en Drakar Santorini by Antares Consolidated Armorers