Gammorean Battleaxe

Gammorean Battleaxe
Type: Weapon (Bladed)
Category: Axe

Size: 2 slots

Melee Weapon Cosmetic: Blackout

Bladed Weapon Modification: Dense Alloy Blade

Poison Weapon: Type II - Inhibiting


Owned by: Sergeant Vor'en Drakar Santorini

Prototype: Gammorean Battleaxe

The Gammorean Battleaxe is a massive inert weapon with a large axe head on a simple handle. It is poorly balanced but capable of powerful blows in the hands of one strong enough to properly wield it.

Blackout (Melee Weapon Cosmetic)

Gammorean Battleaxe has had every external component painted black as night. This allows this Gammorean Battleaxe to more easily blend into the shadows and darkness unseen.

Dense Alloy Blade (Bladed Weapon Modification)

Gammorean Battleaxe is constructed of a dense alloyed steel, making this Gammorean Battleaxe much stronger than the standard steel used to manufacture bladed weapons. However, this denser material also makes the weapon considerably heavier and more difficult to wield.

Type II - Inhibiting (Poison Weapon)

Gammorean Battleaxe has been coated with a poison that can interfere with the body’s motor functions by targeting the muscles and nervous system. The affects can vary from the numbing, paralysis, or slowing of limbs to halting breathing and inducing seizures or sleep. The poison triggers on contact with the skin or bloodstream, with the most severe symptoms manifesting in the immediate area of the wound. Requires the "Poison Weapons Feat" on the Character Sheets to be effective in combat.

Item History
Date Event
Mar 22, 2019 Sold to Antei Armaments
Mar 22, 2019 Sold to Sergeant Vor'en Drakar Santorini by Antei Armaments