Type: Companion
Category: Mammal

Tameability Category: Tameable

Creature Physical: Less is More

Creature Personality: Wowie!

Creature Cosmetic: Fluffy, Toasted Marshmallow


Owned by: Master Marick Tyris

Prototype: Cythraul

Slotted in: 01 - Marick's Inventory

Cythraul are quadrupedal, canine creatures with long bushy tails, tapered ears, and a pointed muzzle containing sharp teeth. They have impressive jaw strength and an enhanced sense of smell. Natural apex predators, they are larger and more intelligent than the average Wolf. They are distant cousins and nearly identical to the Arx Wolf, but have lore that ties them to Clan Arcona.

Granted Aspect: Tameable (Tameability Category)


Fela is wild by nature, but has had its behavior modified to accept the presence of humanoids by an intervention. It is trained against its wild instincts to accept humanoids. As creature handling goes up, a member can better empathize, train, and manage this creature's behavior. Untrained (+0), this creature will do whatever it wants and one would be helpless to understand why, with its natural disposition taking over. As creature handling skills improve, a member can understand, care for, and better influence this creature with full control achieved with mastery (+5) of creature handling.

Less is More (Creature Physical)

Fela is the last Cyhtraul born of the First Pack. The rest of her litter did not make it, and Fela came into the world underweight, frail, and with a slew of medical complications. In the process of preserving her life, the doctors at the Citadel had to remove one of her legs. She managed to pull through, somehow, and was kept under careful, isolated care until she was ready to be transported to her promised owner, Marick Tyris.

More than simply a runt, she is no larger than the common wolf, making her one of the smallest Cythraul to date. Growing up with only three legs, Fela naturally learned to adapt to her handicap. As she's come to age under the careful eye and training of her master, she is just as quick and agile as any wolf with four-legs. Her smaller frame definitely helps with this, but because of her stunted growth she lacks the same raw power and physical resilience as her siblings.

Wowie! (Creature Personality)

Fela was raised in an isolated lab, meaning that most of the worlds wonders are still fresh and new to her. As a result, she seems to carry an optimistic excitement with her wherever she goes, especially when experiencing something new. Even her apparent handicap does not seem to weigh down her spirit as she zips around with high energy, a sense of flair, and the occasional stumble that she will try to play off as intentional.

While emphatic to her Master's moods, Fela nevertheless persists in trying to make him happy. She would do anything in her power to protect him, even if it meant facing down a creature twice her size. She reserves her fear for more practical things like loud noises and office/kitchen appliances. As she's grown, she has taken to waging war against the cleaning droid's vacuum cleaner in particular.

Fluffy, Toasted Marshmallow (Creature Cosmetic)

The first thing anyone notices about Fela is just how much fur she has compared to other Cythraul. Even her long, curled tail seems to have more "fluff" than the others. Her soft beige fur is streaked with almond and umber accents over a smooth ivory undercoat, making her look like a "cosmic latte" according to most. Marick prefers to think of her as a fluffy marshmallow with light toasting around the edges, a reminder of his time on Alpheridies with the person who gifted Fela to him after her death.

Beneath the fluff, vibrant, violet eyes hold a sense of innocent wonder.

Item History
Date Event
May 3, 2019 Sold to Iron Menagerie
May 3, 2019 Sold to Master Marick Tyris by Iron Menagerie
May 3, 2019 Renamed from Cythraul to Fela by Master Marick Tyris