Type: Companion
Category: Mammal

Tameability Category: Tameable

Creature Personality: Silent Hunter

Creature Physical: Runt

Creature Cosmetic: Typical


Owned by: Acolyte Sarai Andromeda

Prototype: Wolf

The Wolf is a canine creature found throughout the galaxy, usually in a mountain, forest, or arctic climate. Their fur coats are adaptable to the climate or season they are experiencing. Roaming and living in packs, their long legs, large paws, and deep but narrow chests make them powerful but agile predators. They have keen hunting senses, large canine teeth, powerful jaws, and rounded ears. They grow from small pups into full-grown adults and range in size from runt, to average with the largest as long as an average human.

Granted Aspect: Tameable (Tameability Category)


Alika is wild by nature, but has had its behavior modified to accept the presence of humanoids by an intervention. It is trained against its wild instincts to accept humanoids. As creature handling goes up, a member can better empathize, train, and manage this creature's behavior. Untrained (+0), this creature will do whatever it wants and one would be helpless to understand why, with its natural disposition taking over. As creature handling skills improve, a member can understand, care for, and better influence this creature with full control achieved with mastery (+5) of creature handling.

Silent Hunter (Creature Personality)

Alika thrives on the hunt, but prefers to use stealth and careful preparation to pick and choose their battles. They see no need to rush headlong after a prey or target, but can often miss out on success if they miss their timing.

Runt (Creature Physical)

Alika is smaller than the average Wolf in terms of size or body mass. Their compact build can offer better mobility and agility but often at the expense of the power commonly associated with other Wolf.

Typical (Creature Cosmetic)

Alika has typical coloring and physical appearance for a Wolf.

Item History
Date Event
Jul 4, 2019 Sold to Iron Menagerie
Jul 15, 2019 Sold to Mystic Appius Wight by Iron Menagerie
Jul 15, 2019 Sold to Iron Menagerie by Mystic Appius Wight
Jul 22, 2019 Sold to Acolyte Sarai Andromeda by Iron Menagerie
Jul 22, 2019 Renamed from Wolf to Alika by Acolyte Sarai Andromeda