(Severian Phalanx Interceptor)
Type: Space Vehicle
Category: Starfighter

Space Vehicle Cosmetic: Mint Condition

Item Aspect/Upgrade Slots available: 1

Hardpoint: Empty

Enhancement: Empty

Upgrade: Empty


Owned by: Master Dacien Victae

Prototype: Severian Phalanx Interceptor

The Phalanx Interceptor is a 9.6-meter long prototype Starfighter designed by the Severian Principate. Designed as an evolution of the TIE Interceptor, the Phalanx maintains exceptional maneuverability and speed while also adding increased firepower, rudimentary deflector shields, and limited hyperdrive capability. The Phalanx Interceptor's eight laser cannons are powered by experimental kyber focusing crystals mined from the moon of Thillon.

8 laser cannons (2 on each internal wing and 4 below the cockpit)

1 crew

Mint Condition (Space Vehicle Cosmetic)

Dacien Victae has painstakingly cared for this Severian Phalanx Interceptor, and even upon close examination it appears as though Anemoi was freshly off the manufacturing line. Absent of any scratches, dents or even the slightest imperfections, the only thing missing is the new vehicle smell.

Empty Aspect Slot
Accepts Space Vehicle Modification
Enhancement (0/1)

This slot is empty

Hardpoint (0/1)

This slot is empty

Upgrade (0/2)

This slot is empty

Item History
Date Event
Sep 15, 2019 Sold to Shroud Syndicate Market
Sep 15, 2019 Sold to Master Dacien Victae by Shroud Syndicate Market
Sep 16, 2019 Renamed from Severian Phalanx Interceptor to Anemoi by Master Dacien Victae